Floodplains for the Future

Floodplains for the Future is a multi-organizational partnership working to support the recovery of floodplain functions and to protect the health and safety of communities around them. Floodplains for the Future (FFTF) works to:

  • Balance farm, fish, and flood management values
  • Provide a safe place to voice varied opinions and needs
  • Advance integrated floodplain management solutions in the Puyallup, White, and Carbon Rivers

FFTF Partners collaborate to support, fund, and implement multi-benefit floodplain projects in the Puyallup River watershed.

Our Vision

Restored connections between rivers and land improve habitat for salmon, protect communities and critical infrastructure from flooding, and provide new opportunities for recreational and cultural uses while preserving agricultural lands in the Puyallup River Watershed.

Our Mission

To encourage shared leadership in a trusting and transparent environment in order to plan, fund, and implement multi-benefit floodplain projects in the Puyallup, White, and Carbon River floodplains.

Our Charter

The IMG operates under a Charter that establishes a common purpose and need among FFTF partners, guiding principles, clarification about meetings and member participation, and support for collaborative decision making.  The Charter can be viewed by clicking here:

FFTF Charter