Shared Monitoring Plan

FFTF Partners understand that the key to successful floodplain management lies in ensuring that the goals of all stakeholders are integrated at both project and watershed scales.  In order to measure the progress towards achieving these goals, FFTF and its partners have embarked on a comprehensive, long-term Shared Monitoring Plan.

The intent of this Shared Monitoring Plan is to help FFTF Partners track progress as well as gauge their continued support for the overall program. This is a watershed-scale monitoring plan; project-specific monitoring will occur as each project is implemented.

Index of Floodplain Health

FFTF partners have identified a set of metrics for tracking progress toward shared goals for the Puyallup River Watershed. These metrics have been assembled into an Index of Floodplain Health which monitors the effects of FFTF actions and outside factors on farms, habitat, and flood risk reduction.

Together, these metrics help answer the question: how are we improving floodplain health in the Puyallup River Watershed?


Individual and integrated metrics are focused around three categories:

  • Land: How do our communities interact with land in the floodplain?
  • Investments: How are the investments we are making in integrated floodplain management helping us reach our goals?
  • Outcomes: What are the outcomes of our work in the floodplain?
Flood Risk

Investments Land Outcomes

Results Summit

FFTF partners review and discuss monitoring results during an annual meeting called the Results Summit. In 2018, the Results Summit was held in December and in 2019, the Results Summit was held in May. In future years, it is anticipated that the Results Summit will be held in May.


For more information about the Results Summit meetings, please see the summary documents below:

Summary document for the December 2018 Results Summit

Summary document for the May 2019 Results Summit

Summary document for the May 2020 Results Summit

Summary document for the May 2021 Results Summit

Annual Reports

Each year, FFTF partners produce an Annual Report that summarizes their efforts and results from the prior year.

2018 Annual Report

2019 - 2020 Annual Report

2021 Annual Report